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Pioneer CLD-V2300D
Industrial Laserdisc Player

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Pioneer CLD-V2300D

Many thanks to Marcus L Rowland for providing the pictures and specifications.

Dual Standard Compatibility - PAL/ NTSC 3.58 (with output of PAL/PAL 60 or NTSC selected by switch)
SCART socket
RS-232C Interface For Computer Control
Highest Quality Video
Digital and analogue audio
Single sided play
Auto Start and Auto Repeat Allow "Set and Forget" Operation
Laser Barcode System Makes Learning Effective, Easy and Fun
CD Playback and Bar Code CD, CD-Video
Further Expand Teaching Possibilities
Full-Screen Text Overlay
SCART, L/R audio, video, UHF + mono sound, 15-pin serial
Manufactured around September 1994
Voltage is 220-240 50/60HZ
PAL and NTSC 3.58
Serial Interface - for barcode control - Barcode CD - Laser Barcode 2
4 Position Selector for Load Start, Power On Start - Baud Rate for
Interface Connector 1.2kbps or 4.8kbps
Video Out and Audio Out
UHF Adaptor Output (Audio Mono, Video and DC)
Width 42 cm, height 12 cm, depth (front to back) 40 cm.

The remote control CU-V113A.