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Faroudja LD1000



  • Ultra heavy-duty combination CD-Laserdisc transport.
  • Gamma-Turn System: Both sides of a laserdisc can be played consecutively without turning the disc over.
  • Exceptional mechanical rigidity and immunity to vibration.
  • Heavy duty copper shielding of critical video and audio circuitry ensures ultra high quality picture and audio.
  • Plays all NTSC laserdisc formats (5", 8", 12" and thin-type 8") plus compact discs, 5" CDV discs, and 3" CD singles, without an adapter.
  • Full digital processing system virtually eliminates video signal distortion. Thanks to the digital field correlation processor, time base corrector (TBC), and noise reduction (NR) circuitry, the picture has high resolution and low noise. The result is a remarkably film-like presentation with the highest possible picture quality.
  • Two independent S-video outputs driven by a digital Y/C separation circuit. This circuit uses temporal scene filtering to provide superior cross-colour reduction with no loss in horizontal, vertical or diagonal picture resolution.
  • "Theatre Mode" for reproducing natural movie theatre ambiance: The front panel display window and onscreen display are turned off.
  • Full function infra-red remote control with professional videophile features, including jog and shuttle controls to provide high-speed search with single-frame accuracy. Important keys are back-lit for easy operation in the dark.
  • Six repeat playback modes: Memory Repeat, A-B Repeat, One-chapter/track Repeat, One-side Repeat, All-side Repeat (for two-side LDs only), Program Repeat (up to 24 chapters/ tracks).
  • Last Memory Function allows you to watch a laser disc part way through, and then resume watching it later from where you left off.


  • AC-3 RF Output for use with Dolby AC-3 processors.
  • Three digital audio outputs, including:
    ST-Glass optical interface
    75-ohm coaxial S/PDIF
    AES/EBU-compatible, 110-ohm balanced
  • Proprietary high-speed reclocking circuitry resynchronizes all three digital outputs to achieve extremely low jitter (< 10 picoseconds rms, typical).
  • Calibrated digital audio output impedances (75-ohm coaxial; 110-ohm AES/EBU) allows impedance matching to prevent cable reflections and resulting jitter.
  • Direct PC-board mounting of coaxial and ST-Glass fiber-optic outputs eliminates internal cable reflections after reclocking circuitry.
  • High-performance, electrostatically shielded, low-capacitance digital output transformer achieves higher bandwidth and up to 30 dB better RF isolation than competing designs.
  • Analogue 2-channel stereo output jacks give access to the LD analogue FM audio track(s) and the linear PCM digital audio tracks through the auxiliary built-in 1-bit DACs. [Note: For highest quality conversion of the linear PCM digital audio tracks, connect an external digital audio processor to one of the digital audio outputs.]
  • LD1000 is manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation. Additionally licensed under Canadian patent number 1,037,877. "Dolby", "AC-3", "Pro Logic" and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation.