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286 Computer System
40 Megabyte hard drive
2, 720k 3" Floppy Drives
EGA Video Card
Driverless Sound and TV Cards
BIOS Setup Utility
1 LPT Printer Port, 1 9 pin Serial Port
2 25 pin Serial ports
1 37 pin external floppies connector
Will play both CAV and CLV discs
Nice Speaker built into the system
Has 6 upgrade slots
AT Style Keypad/Keyboard Port
Light Pen Port (AT Style but different pin configuration)
Dual Headphone ports w/ volume knob
CH1/L, CH2/R, Still, Pause, Play/stand by, Power, Remote Control LEDs
Eject/Close and Play buttons
Power On/Off Switch
115 & 230 voltage selector
Handles on each side to carry it
1 power input and 3 outputs
Left and Right RCA Stereo Outputs
SVGA 3 row monitor output

Thanks to Michael Pollock for the picture and details.