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Mitsubishi M-V6027

Laser Disc/CD player combination
CD-Direct tray
Karaoke with effects
Black Diamond gray finish

On-screen programming
Plays 12" and 8" laser discs, 5" and 3" compact discs
Automatic 2-sided play of laser discs
Shuttle-ring remote
24-song programming
Random programming
7-mode repeat
6-speed playback (CAV only)
Karaoke with effects
One touch karaoke
Digital echo
Single Play

3-line digital comb filter
Digital time-base correction
425 lines horizontal resolution
50dB signal-to-noise ratio

8x oversampling
Pulse flow 1-=bit digital-to-analog converter
4-20kHz (+/- 0.5dB) frequency response
0.0018% THD (1kHz, 0dB)
99dB dynamic range
116dB signal-to-noise ratio
Dolby AC-3 RF output

Thanks to Helen Simmerman for the details.