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Mitsubishi M-V7025

Compatibility with many disc types and sizes: 12' & 8" laserdiscs, CD's 5", and also the thin-type 20cm laserdiscs (8") and 8cm CD's (3") without adapter. CDV's too. Plays CLV and CAV Discs. Illuminating Remote control with Repeat Playback-You can program the player to repeat sections of the CD or Laserdisc in many ways. Auto-Program and editing/Compu-Program Editing-- The player will automatically select playback tracks to fit into an amount of time that you specify. Two Side Playback--The player automatically plays both sides of a two-sided laserdisc, without requiring you to turn the disc over by hand. Single Playback-- You can set the player to pause after each track. This is Great for recording or for Karaoke! Programmed Playback -- You can program playback up to 24 tracks or chapters in any order. Digital Memory -- allows you to use more video special effects, even on CLV (extended play) laserdiscs. Digital Output Coaxial/Optical. S-Video Out 1 & 2, Video Out 1 & 2. Stereo Out 1 & 2. Remote has a Jogging wheel for frame by frame slow motion.