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Panasonic LX-K770

Panasonic Laser Vision Video Disc System model LX-K770 

Laser Disc, Karaoke, CD, CDV Player:
Audio quality comparable to the finest CD player 
Automatic switching from Side A to B 
Two 1-Bit D/A Converters with Double-Step noise shaping in each channel 
Connection to CDG Adaptor (For playback of CD-G or CD-EG) 
Advanced Digital Video Processing and Digital Noise Reduction 
AC-120 V Power Source 
Separate power supplies for Video and Audio circuits 
Remote Control and Operating Manual included 
Repeat playback for Laser Disc, CDV, and CD

Audio Signal Input:
1) Digital Audio output; 1 kHz, -20dB 
2) Analog Audio output; 1 kHz, 40% modulated

Uses LDs with song or multi Audio CDs
Functions with singing accompaniment 
Key control 
Weight: 18.7 lbs. (8.5 kg) 
Outer Dimenstions: 16 15/16" (W) x 5" (H) 15 15/16" (D)