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Panasonic LX-V860

The Panasonic LX-V860 plays VCDs as well as Laserdiscs. It was designed primarily as a Karaoke machine and also includes a DIGITAL RF OUT (AC-3) connector. Voltage selectable from 110 to 240, 50 or 60Hz.

This player will play the following formats:

Laserdisc (CAV/CLV) - NTSC
Laservision (CAV/CLV) - NTSC
LD Single (CAV/CLV) - NTSC
Video CD (V 1&2) - PAL/NTSC
Audio CD
Audio CD Single


2x Composite Phono Video/Stereo Audio Outputs
1x Phono Audio inputs
Remote Control
On screen display
Headphone socket with volume control
Microphone socket with echo and level controls
Karaoke controls for muting on disc vocals
Key control to allow pitch change of audio tracks - works on LDs as well
Comes with Manual (English & Japanese languages) and remote control.