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Pioneer CLD-160K

Thanks to Hartmut Hackl for the picture.

Thanks to Jürgen Bachert for the picture.

This player followed the CLD-150K in 1996 and was the only (and last) dedicated
Laser-Karaoke player for the European consumer market from 1996 to 1998. 

Technical specifications: 

Net Weight 15 Lb. 
420 x 122 x 385 mm 
Last Memory Play 
Jog-Shuttle on the front 
440/425 Lines (PAL/NTSC) 
One Touch Karaoke 
Separate CD-Tray 
CDV, CD and LD compatible 

THEATRE, KARAOKE & MUSIC surround modes 
digital pitch control 
Does not play analogue PAL discs 
Pioneer System Remote compatible 
Digital Echo 
Once More Function 
1 Euroscart Connector 
2 separate mic inputs 
Vocal Scoring Syste 
Competition Mode 
220 V / 50 HZ 
Microphone DM-C820 (available separately)