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Pioneer CLD-D503

The archive site has a copy of the Operation Manual for the CLD-D503. Please see the manuals page. 

Playback Functions:

Program Playback
Random Playback (For LDs, this function is available with only discs containing TOC.)
Repeat Playback
Hi-Lite/Intro Scan Playback
Hi-Lite Scan - CD, CDV-audio part
Intro Scan - LD, CDV-video part
Auto Program Editing/Compu Program Editing

LD (LaserDisc) Playback Functions:

Gamma-Turn System - Two-Side Continuous Playback
A Side <-<>-> B Side Continuous Playback Programs
Last Memory Function

CD (Compact Disc) / CDV (Compact Disc with Video) Playback Functions:

Direct CD Function

Other Features:

1-Bit DLC D/A Converters
Auto Loading and Automatic Disc Discrimination Functions
Compatibility with Many Discs Types and Sizes
Film Mode
Digital Level Control Using SCAN Control Adjustment


2 Sets of A/V Pin-Type Outputs
1 S-Video Output
Pioneer CD-Deck Synchro Function