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Pioneer HLD-V500

Following on from the industry-wide agreement on the format specifications for MUSE Hi-Vision laserdisc, in May 1992, Pioneer has introduced the first Hi-Vision player that incorporates the standard. The HLD-V500 is aimed at the professional market rather than consumer and will sell for Y1,500,000 (Around 6,000 as 1992 exchange rates). A custom pressing service for the discs is also being offered by Pioneer.

The CLV and CAV configurations and playing times are very much as existing PAL and NTSC formats. The HLD-V500 incorporates digital video memory for CAV like functions with CLD discs. An RS-232C connection is provided on the player. The player measures 440(w)mm x 159(h)mm x 470(d)mm and weighs 16.5kg.

In addition the MUSE Hi-Vision laserdisc spec allows for four digital audio channels as well as the option to add a further two CD format sound channels if required.