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Pioneer LD-V4200




Thanks to Hartmut Hackl for the picture.

Production Years Late 1980's 
Laser Type 1 pc Semiconductor laser diode. 
Color Variations Black only 
Disc Types 12" CAV & CLV 8" CAV & CLV 
Audio Channels Analog 1/R & Amalog 2/L & Digital audio. 
Weight 12.6 kg approx
Voltage Versions 120VAC 50-60 Hz 
Features RS-232C 
AC3 Upgrade is possible, but hard to install. 
Video Systems NTSC only 
Connections Audio left/right (phono),Video (phono), EFM out (5 pin DIN), RS-232 in (15-pin DSUB). 

Special capabilities of this player:

LD-ROM Capability (EFM Out) needs a
box RS - 232C Control