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Pioneer LD-X1 (Japan, 1989)
Pioneer LD-S2 (North America, 1990)

The Pioneer LD-X1 bear much resemblance to its predecessor the Pioneer LD-S1. The LD-X1 is slightly bigger in height, measuring 457 x 182 x 458mm (w x h x d) and weighs 28kg and lists for Y400,000. The LD-X1 is laserdisc only, no capability is present to replay CDs and is restricted to single sided play only. Video specs are 425 lines and 52db signal to noise. The player has 2 megabits of video memory for CLV trick play functions. A three-line adaptive comb filer is employed to improve picture detail on NTSC laserdiscs. The conversion back to analogue video is via an 8 fsc/9 bit converter (fsc = the multiple of the chroma sub carrier frequency). The player also sports a new high-grade motor for improved durability. The LD-X1 will be released in North America in Autumn 1990 and will be know as the LD-S2 and retail for $3,500.

Thanks to Axel for the pictures.