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Pioneer LD-V8000 aka LD-V800

Thanks to Hartmut Hackl for the pictures.

The LD-V8000 LaserDisc Player

The world's most advanced industrial LaserDisc player. Digital video memory for seamless search without image loss, Ultra-Rapid search speed, 0.5 sec. Maximum (CAV, 4 sec. Maximum (CLV), brushless motor, still picture with random access audio, interleaved video playback capability, text overlay: 12 line: 20 character (upper and lower case), automatic power on start/disc loan start/repeat play, external sync and RS-232C interface for computer control.


Industrial Laserdisc Player

The World's Most Advanced Industrial Laser Videodisc Player

- Seamless Search

- Rapid Access

- Still Pictures with Random Access Audio

- One Hour of Fully Interactive Video

- Four Independent Audio Channels

Seamless Search

For both CAV and CLV discs, the video memory feature of the LD-V8000 eliminates blank pauses during search time.

When searching, the player stores the current picture in memory until the next image is available. The LD-V8000 can store images in either frame or field mode. In addition to a two-field digital memory, the LD-V8000 uses a digital timebase corrector to enhance picture quality. The result -- a smooth, seamless search which eliminates distracting visual discontinuities in your program.

Rapid Access

With the LD-V8000, end-to-end search time on CAV discs is one half second or less. On CLV discs, search time is four seconds or less. By employing a linear motor and optical detector, the LD-V8000 easily achieves rapid positioning of the optical assembly, offering a high degree of precision and reliability while using a minimum of moving parts.

Interactive CLV

Freeze-frame and variable-speed play, once restricted to only CAV discs, are now available on CLV discs. Frame accurate search, always available with CAV discs, is now easily implemented with CLV discs. The combination of video memory functions and freeze-frame uniquely available in the LD-V8000 make interactive CLV practical for the first time.

Four Audio Channels

Two digital audio tracks and two analog audio tracks can be played back simultaneously or independently. The result is unprecedented flexibility. Four channels means four languages, four levels of presentation, or four hours of random-access audio on one side of a CLV disc.

Still Pictures with Random-Access Audio

Making the LD-V8000 even more flexible is the ability to hold a still picture on the screen and play any portion of the four audio tracks. Up to four hours of random-access audio can be played with a variety of still pictures from 108,000 randomly accessed frames of video on a CLV disc.

LaserBarcode-System Compatible for Simple Operation

Pioneer's LaserBarcode system is a greatly simplified system of remote control utilizing barcodes and a scanner pen.

With this system, the hand-held scanner is traced across a barcode, and instantly instructs the videodisc player to execute the playback commands encoded in that barcode. The LD-V8000 LaserDisc player is compatible with the LaserBarcode system for both wired and wireless operation when used with the optional barcode reader. For education, training, or presentations, the LD-V8000 will let you create amazing interactivity with a simple wave of your hand.

On-Screen Player Configuration

Through on-screen menus, it is easy to access and configure many player setup functions. Functions previously associated with physical switch controls are now displayed on the video screen. Each control has a brief description as well as a list of options for each function.

Full Screen Text Overlay

The LD-V8000 has 12 lines of 20 characters, upper and lower case. In addition, many of the most common European characters are also available. Text can be displayed over still frame, full-motion video, or over a blue or black background.

Sync Capability

The LD-V8000 offers a full range of sync versatility. Through the SYNC IN port on the rear panel, an external composite sync signal may be easily imported from an external sync generator or another "master" LD-V8000.

"Loop through" chaining for multiple player applications is easily implemented by simply exporting through the second SYNC IN port.

The LD-V8000 has an internal sync generator. When exporting this internally generated sync signal, the SYNC OUT port is used.

RS232C Interface

Connection to a wide variety of computers is easily accomplished through the RS232C interface. Using standard RS232C protocol, the interface is implemented through a 15-pin connector common to the LD-V4200 LaserDisc Player and LC-V330 Autochanger. The LD-V8000 is compatible with systems designed to control the LDV4200.

The mnemonic command language of the LD-V8000 is a super-set of the commands used in the LDV4200. Cables and controllers developed for the LD-V4200 are directly compatible.

Program Dump

Program control is loaded into 7K of memory for use by the microprocessor of the LD-V8000. Featuring a high degree of compatibility with previous players, Level 2 applications on the LD-V8000 will operate in both CAV and CLV modes.

Auto Repeat

When selected, the AUTO REPEAT feature automatically restarts the disc when the end of a side is encountered.

The AUTO REPEAT feature is both hardware and software selectable.

Auto Play

The AUTO PLAY feature provides two selectable modes of operation. In the POWER ON mode, with a disc in the player at power up, the disc begins to play automatically. In the DISC LOAD mode, when a disc is inserted and the tray closed, play is initiated. Each mode of the AUTO PLAY feature is both hardware and software selectable.

A Choice of Remote Control

Full remote capability is built in with the LD-V8000. Remote control may be implemented using a variety of remote control units. The LD-V8000 is compatible with either the RU-V6000T (LD-V6000 Series) or RU-V103 (LD-V2000 Series) remote control units. The remote control unit is available as an optional separate accessory.

Equipped with EFM Output Terminal

Pioneer's LD-V8000 LaserDisc player has a special terminal that allows the output of EFM signals when LDROM discs containing digital data are played. With the EFM terminal, the LD-V8000 can be used for multimedia applications as a component that combines the twin functions of LD-ROM playback and LaserDisc playback.

Open Architecture

By allowing the interactive system designer to build onto existing software, OPEN ARCHITECTURE affords the ability to customize the LD-V8000. Additional program tasks may be implemented by modifying the instruction set of resident EPROMs. In cases where extra RAM, extra ROM, alternative connectors or processors are required, additional physical space and appropriate signals are available inside the LD-V8000.




System LaserVision Videodisc Player

Level 1, 2, 3

Spindle motor speed

Standard play (CAV) disc 1,800 RPM

Extended play (CLV) disc 1,800 - 600 RPM (when using 12-inch disc)

Power requirements AC 120 V, 50/60 Hz

Maximum power consumption 100 W

Dimension 16-17/32 x 5-1/2 x 17-13/16 in.

(420 x 140 x 453 mm)

Net weight (without package) 32.4 lbs. (14.7 kg)

Operating temperature 41 - 95 degrees F

(+ 5 - 35 degrees C)

Operating humidity 5 - 90% (There should be no moisture



LaserVision Videodisc

Maximum playing time*

12-inch standard play disc 30 min/side

12-inch extended play disc 60 min/side

8-inch standard play disc 14 min/side

8-inch extended play disc 20 min/side

*Actual playback time differs for each disc.


Format NTSC specifications

Video output

Level 1 Vp-p nominal, sync negative

Impedance terminated 75 ohm unbalanced

Terminal Pin jack

Audio Output

AUTO/DIGITAL 2 channels (1/L, 2/R)

ANALOG ONLY 2 channels (3/L, 4/R)

Level 500 mV nominal (1 kHz 100% modulation,

50 k-ohm terminated)

Terminal Two RCA jacks

External Sync

Composite Sync

Level MIN: +2 -2 V, MAX: +2 -4 V

Impedance 75-ohm


Input BNC jack (2)

Output BNC jack (1)

External Controls

Remote control (front panel)

Terminal Stereo miniature phone jack

I/O Port (rear panel) RS-232C

Terminal D-sub, 15-pin

EFM Output

Terminal 5-pin, DIN


RU-V6000T Remote Control Unit

UC-V104BC Barcode Reader

CC-03 RS-232C Cable (Male DB-15 to Male DB-25 DTE)

CC-04 RS-232C Interface cable kit for Apple Macintosh Plus/SE, Apple II GS, and Mac II. (Male DB-15 to Apple "Circular 8")

CK-15P Interface Cable Kit for IBM InfoWindow

Documents and Specifictions
  • Digital video memory for seamless search without image loss
  • Ultra-Rapid search speed, 0.5 sec. Maximum (CAV, 4 sec. Maximum (CLV)
  • Brushless motor, still picture with random access audio, interleaved video
  • Text overlay: 12 line: 20 character (upper and lower case)
  • Automatic power on start/disc and start/repeat play
  • External sync and RS-232C interface for PC control


 LD_MAC.html  Controlling the LD Player using a Mac  25 kb
 LBInfo.pdf  Laser Barcode Information  994 kb
 PIB150001_LD_Compare.pdf  Product Information Buleltin: Comparing Players  209 kb
 PIB150002_LD_Cables.pdf  Product Information Buleltin: Cable Interface Chart  114 kb
 PIB150003_LD_Control.pdf  Product Information Buleltin: Control Methods  152 kb
 PIB150004_LD_L1Manual.pdf  Product Information Buleltin: Level I - Manual Control  124 kb
 PIB150006_LD_PCControl.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: Level III - Computer Control  45 kb
 PIB150007_V8Remote.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: Remote Controls  94 kb
 PIB150008_LD_Remote.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: Using the RU-V103 Remote  82 kb
 PIB150009_LD_OnScrn.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: On-Screen User Display Area  36 kb
 PIB150010_LD_Mnemonic.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: Mnemonic Commands  191 kb
 PIB150011_LD_Comms.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: Additional Commands  36 kb
 PIB150012_LD_BaudRate.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: Available Baud Rates chart  29 kb
 PIB150014_LD_MCIDrvr.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: MCI Drivers  118 kb
 PIB150016_LD_Kiosk.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: Installing LD players within Kiosks  121 kb
 PIB150017_V8ClosedCaps.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: Working with Closed Captions  85 kb
 PIB150018_LD_Environ.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: Environmental Considerations  103 kb
 PIB150019_LD_W95MCI.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: MCI Drivers for Microsoft Windows 95  519 kb
 PIB150020_LD_HyprTerm.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: Using Windows Hyper Terminal  16 kb
 PIB150021_LD_W3xInsl.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: Installation Microsoft Windows 3.xx  41 kb
 PIB150022_LD_Y2K.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: Year 2000 Ready equipment  50 kb
 PIB151401_V8EPROMTest.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: Testing for EPROM version  45 kb
 PIB151402_V8Upgrade.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: Upgrade the Firmware Version  25 kb
 PIB151403_V8EPROMRep.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: EPROM Replacement Kit Details  28 kb
 PIB151404_V8EPROMKit.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: Ordering Upgrade Kits   24 kb
 PIB151406_V8AudioSL.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: Built-In Audio Sync Locking   113 kb
 PIB151407_V8MemCntl.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: Level 2 Memory Control Commands  111 kb
 PIB151408_V8OnScreen.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: On-Screen Function Switch Settings  315 kb
 PIB151409_V8Remote.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: Remote Controls  259 kb
 PIB151410_V8Serial.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: RS-232C Serial Commands  26 kb
 PIB151411_V8CableSpec.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: Cable Interface Specification  73 kb
 PIB151412_V8ErrorCodes.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: Error Codes Chart  24 kb
 PIB151413_V8SetUp.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: Initial Set Up Information  24 kb
 PIB151414_V8L3Com.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: Level III Commands  130 kb
 PIB151415_V8VidMemCntl.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: Video Memory Control Commands  257 kb
 PIB151416_V8VidPlyBk.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: Interleaved Video Playback Mode  131 kb
 PIB151417_V8VidPlybkEP.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: Video Playback with EPROMs  322 kb
 PIB151418_V8SndOvrStill.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: Sample of Sound Over a Still Image  28 kb
 PIB151419_V8LB2-Logo.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: LB2 Commands & Logo  112 kb
 PIB151420_V8SampleBC.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: Samples of LB2 Barcodes  115 kb
 PIB151421_V8IndLB2Com.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: Independent LB2 Commands & Logo  162 kb
 PIB151423_V8ASubACntrls.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: Audio, Sub-Audio Control Switches  108 kb
 PIB151424_LD_FAQ.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: Frequently Asked Questions  111 kb
 PIB151425_V8CleanLens.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: Cleaning the Objective Lens  93 kb
 PIB151428_V8L2Basics.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: Level II General Information  152 kb
 PIB151429_V8L2Com.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: Loading Level II Programs  108 kb
 PIB151431_V8Arguments.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: Level II Program Formats  139 kb
 PIB151432_V8CodetoRAM.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: Entering Level II Code into RAM  41 kb
 PIB151433_V8L2CodeRCU.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: Entering Level II Code with RCU  245 kb
 PIB151434_V8SerialCode.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: Serial Entry of Level II Code  136 kb
 PIB151435_V8L2PgmVCD.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: Level II Code to Videodiscs  81 kb
 PIB151436_V8AlphaL2Com.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: Level II Commands (Alphabetical)  91 kb
 PIB151437_V8FlowCharts.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: Examples of Flow Chart Symbols  183 kb
 PIB151438_V8ExFlowChart.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: Example of a Flow Chart  116 kb
 PIB152301_LBReader.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: UC-V109BC Barcode Reader  104 kb
 PIB152401_LBR108BC.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: UC-V108 Barcode Reader  111 kb
 PIB155001_BnC_3fix.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: Work-arounds for Bar 'N' Coder  77 kb
 PIB155002_BnC_MAC.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: Bar 'N' Coder for the Mac  123 kb
 PIB155003_BnC_QkRef.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: Bar 'N' Coder Quick Reference Guide 44 kb 
 PIB155006_LB2_sample.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: Laser Barcode Samples  117 kb
 PIB155507_LB2_Com.pdf  Product Information Bulletin: Additional Laser Barcode Commands  52 kb


 LDV8000specs.pdf  General Specifications  29 kb
 LDV8GSpec.pdf  Specification Details  585 kb