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RDI Halcyon Model 200

Hardly a handheld game, but an amazing home system that most people have never heard of. Consisting of a level 3 laserdisc player and an attached computer control system, the Halcyon system (named primarily becuase the first syllable of the word is Hal, the name of the computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey) was released by RDI, the company that created the Dragon's Lair, Space Ace and Thayer's Quest laserdisc arcade games. It originally cost $2500 and came bundled with the only home version of Thayer's Quest. I believe RDI went bankrupt shortly after releasing this in Jan 1985, so there probably aren't many out there... But I want one! Here's some more info about the planned games and the 2 that were actually released from The Dragon's Lair Project website: Halcyon System.

RDI Video Systems took a shot in the home video game market with the HALCYON System.  The HALCYON System included the main control unit, a laser disc player, a keyboard, and a microphone headset.  Though there were initially supposed to be six games for it, only two were released; Thayer's Quest and NFL Football.  Below is information taken right from the HALCYON brochure.

HALCYON, the first interactive laserdisc system for the home, puts you in control of all the action on your television screen... all you have to do is talk.  HALCYON makes you an active participant in adventures which challenge, educate, and entertain.

HALCYON adventures are designed to challenge your mind and spark your imagination.  You become actively involved, controlling the adventure merely by speaking... or by keyboard if you prefer.  Every maneuver requires strategy and sharp wits.  You make the decisions:  Enter the Dark Castle or read the ancient spell?  Land on Mars or orbit Saturn?  Run from danger... or face it!

The worlds of HALCYON come to life with feature quality live action and animation.  The magic of laserdisc technology makes the computer graphics of primitive video games obsolete.  Experiencing a HALCYON adventure is like being inside a feature film... only better because you control all the action with the sound of your voice.

HALCYON is the first and only home entertainment system featuring speech synthesis, voice recognition, and artificial intelligence.  HALCYON comes with a speaking vocabulary of over one thousand words and can learn any additional words you choose to teach it.  HALCYON recognizes you just by the sound of your voice, calls you by name, keeps track of your progress in the game... even gives helpful hints along the way.

Pictures - See pictures of a Halcyon System.

Sound & Video - Download the attract mode audio and video of the games.

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