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Production of the highly acclaimed Runco LJR II THX Laser Disc Player is coming to an end and this product will be discontinued in January, 1997. 
Development of its successor, the new LJR III, is under way. The LJR III will be an exciting new product for Runco. It will be a combination or "Combi" player capable of playing existing Laser Disc and CD technologies as well as the emerging DVD format.
This configuration allows us to offer the latest DVD technology while supporting the still excellent laser disc format and the vast array of 10,000 available titles, as well as the extensive libraries of laser disc software owned by many consumers.
The new LJR III will be a full-featured, high end machine with an advanced audio section capable of both Dolby Digital (AC-3) and DTS reproduction. The LJR III will be compatable with all 5.1 channel surround formats.
In addition, the LJR III will be among the first THX certified DVD players. Our 1997 introduction date for this product is dependent upon the THX engineering and certification process as well as the availability of sufficient DVD software to make this new format viable. We anticipate a mid 1997 release date and we will provide updates on the LJR III development program as progress continues.

Thanks to Hartmut Hackl for the picture and details.