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Samsung DV-500K

Samsung DV-500K - NTSC/PAL Karaoke Combi

The Korean manufacturer, Samsung is proposing to introduce a PAL/NTSC combi in the UK, the first time this company has supported the product here. Samsung was showing a couple of combi players at the last Berlin Funkausstellung but advised us no PAL model was anticipated. Since then, obviously, matters have moved on. However, the Samsung player will not be with us till 1993, not later in 1992 as was anticipated. 

While the DV-500K is already being promoted in Far Eastern territories, Samsung UK is delaying introduction in order to offer full PAL capability. As presently manufac­tured the DV-500K only offers NTSC replay or transcoded NTSC for replay via a PAL TV. It will not play PAL discs. 

Externally the DV-500K looks very similar to the Pioneer CLD-1450 but with the addition of a couple of microphone inputs and echo, volume and balance controls on the front panel. Video specs are given of 425 lines of horizontal resolution with a 47dB s/n figure. For the audio there are dual 18 bit 8x oversampling D/A converters giving a 95dB s/n ratio and a 96dB dynamic range. Dimen­sions arc 420 x 132 x 410mm (w x h x d) and the weight 10kgs. Power consump­tion is given as 40 watts. A remote control is supplied and full CAV functions are offered. Programming for up to 32 tracks is possible. The preliminary spec sheet also provides an unusual additional statistic:

that of the stuffing quantity. Apparently it is possibly to get 720 DV-500Ks into a 40ft-shipping container. Only a few people know that. 

As well as  its  DV-500K  product number the player also bears the legend ‘Video Orchestra’, and a reference to the machine's karaoke capabilities.

Dolby Digital Upgrade:

Circuit schematic

The transistor BC547 is used to buffer the AFM RF signal and the transistor BC557 is used for the MUTE function. The AFM RF signal is picked up in the laserdisc player before the two bandpass filters at 2.3 MHz and 2.8 MHz. These filters are found close to the FM demodulator and CX decoder circuit HA12127ANT. R1 and R2 are chosen so that a suitable threshold voltage is obtained. The MUTE signal is active high (significantly less than 5V in the DV500K). The RCA output jack should be mounted so that it is isolated from the rear panel (i.e. chassi ground). Be careful not to get any metal dust into the player when you drill the hole for the RCA (see also fig. 2). The DC part of the output voltage should be about 4.5V during play and 0V when the output is muted.

WARNING! Do not attempt to do this yourself unless you are absolutely sure what you are doing. You could seriously injure yourself or destroy your laserdisc player.