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Sony LVR-300AN

Sony LVR-300AN CRV Disc Recorder.

Features time-lapse recording functions that are precise and easy to use. Stores individual frames of video at programmable intervals to provide still, real time full-motion video or time-lapse recording with sequential playback. The most recently played back frame sequences - up to 330 frames back - can be played back at variable speeds to evaluate the change in growth or mutation of the cells being studied so optimum recording intervals can be determined. Employs the same component video recording (YUY) employed in Sony Betacam video recorders. The disc system records up to 48 minutes of motion video or 87,000 still images onto a 12" write-once optical disc. The CRV disc media holds 128K bytes for text based information such as user ID and indexes.

This unit has composite, Y/C, and RGBS / component video inputs and outputs. Balanced XLR audio in/outputs. Unit is equipped with front rack-mount handle brackets. This recorder sold for over $18K new.

Thanks to Carsten Kerkhoff for the pictures and details.