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Sony MDP-755


This player can play 6 types of discs: 

8cm CD, 12cm CD(normal use), 12cm CDV, 20cm LD, 20cm CAV/CLV discs, 30cm LD(normal use).
Main Features: 

FL display on/off function, custom index 
AV calendar, Intro scan, Program play, Shuffle play 

Repeat play, Disc protection system 

Picture enhance function, Digital pictures 

Speed control(11 speed settings), Memory stop

This unit plays high quality digital audio signal, as well as analog audio signal. 

4 digital picture modes. 

Playback speed can be controlled by using the JOG dial and the SHUTTLE ring (from still pic. mode, 1/2x, 1x,...10x). 

Remote control with the JOG dial & SHUTTLE ring. 

2 sets of RCA video and stereo outputs. 

S video output jack, Control S input jacks. 

Optical digital output. 

This unit operates on 100V,120V,220V or 240V AC (w/ voltage selector).