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Theta Data III

Thanks to Hartmut Hackl for the picture.



Digital Audio Outputs 
1 coaxial (RCA) 
1 coaxial (BNC) 
1 balanced (XLR) optional optical -- AT&T or Single Mode LaserLinque 

Analog Audio Outputs 
analog video only (RCA) 
RF Output 
Dolby AC-3* 

Video Outputs 
1 composite (RCA) 
1 composite (BNC) 
2 S video 

Dimensions: 19" w x 17-7/8" d x 6-1/2" h 

Weight: 40 lbs. 

Video signal to noise ratio: Greater than 54 dB 

Horizontal resolution: greater than 450 lines 

Jitter: less than 20 picoseconds typical 


Both-sides play, with fast transition to reverse side. Data III has a smooth, quick "reverse" to side two of your laser disc. 
Independent CD tray; convenient and quick access time. A small tray within the large one lets you play CDs easily, and access time is nearly instantaneous.
When you play a CD, the Data III shuts down video circuitry which could otherwise interfere with the audio signal. 
Separate audio, video and digital circuit boards. Isolated boards and power supplies, all shielded from one another, keep picture and sound pure and clear. 
Digital video processing system. New, sophisticated technology enhances the fidelity of color reproduction and improves video signal to noise ratio, yielding a
sharper and clearer picture. The combination of improved techniques takes the form of advanced integrated circuit design, time base correction, error correction, and
error compensation. 
User selectable digital noise reduction 
Digital field memory 
Two S-video outputs with three-line digital comb filter 
AC-3 RF output terminal ready for Dolby Surround 5.1-. In theaters it's called "Dolby Stereo Digital," and now you can have it in your home. Requiring a separate
external processor, the Data III will deliver signals for left, right, and front speaker channels, two rear surround speakers, plus a subwoofer, fully accommodating the
5.1 channels of data on the audio tracks of Dolby AC-3* Laser Discs.