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Toshiba XR-W90A

This was Toshiba's top of the line laser disc player 

It has one digital output, S-VHS output and RCA output 

Playback Functions: 

Program playback 
Random Playback (For LDs, this function is available with only discs containing TOC) 
Repeat Playback 
Hilite/Intro Scan Playback 
Auto Program Editing/Compu Program Editing 
LD (LaserDisc) Playback Functions: 
Two-Side Continuous Playback 
A Side B Side Continuous Playback Programs 
Last Memory Function 
CD (CompactDisc)/CDV (Compact Disc with Video) Playback Functions: 
Direct CD Function 
Other Features: 
1-Bit D/A Converters 
Auto Loading and Automatic Disc Discrimination Function 
Compatibility with Many Disc Types and Sizes 
Types of Discs that can be played with this Unit: 
CD VIDEO System - This is the standard name for the optical video disc with digital audio system that encompasses both LDs and CDV discs 
LDs (Laser Discs) - CAV Discs, CLV Discs, Laser Discs with Digital Audio and Laser Multi Audio Discs with Digital Audio 
CDV (Compact Disc with Video) Discs