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Yamaha CDV-W901

Thanks to Axel for the above pictures.

The archive site has a copy of the Operation Manual for the CDV-W901. Please see the manuals page. 

This player is a Pioneer clone and has appear in several different guises. Also see Pioneer CLD-D604.


DOLBY SURROUND DIGITAL (AC-3) OUTPUT TERMINALS - The CDV-W901 reads the AC-3 signal and sends it to a decoder.
TWO-SIDED PLAY - Plays both sides of the disc so there is no need to turn the disc over once the first side is finished. It is operable from the front panel or the supplied remote control. 
ADVANCED EPSILON-TURN MECHANISM - Provides a very quiet and smooth transition from one side of the disc to the other. 
OPTICAL DIGITAL OUTPUT TERMINAL - To maintain highest signal purity, the digital signal can be sent directly to a digital preamp or external D/A converter. Optical signal transmission reduces the chance of interference. 
BASS EXTENSION - Three separate levels of bass boost allows you to customize the sound to your liking. 
2 AUDIO, 2 A/V AND 2 S-VIDEO OUTPUTS - This laser disc player lets you hook up two audio and two audio/video components. You also get 2 S-video terminals. 
MULTI-FORMAT DISC CAPABILITY - Plays laser discs, compact discs and CDVs. 
1 BIT- DIRECT LINEAR CONVERSION (DLC) - Utilizes single bit D/A converter for superior performance. 
425 LINE HORIZONTAL RESOLUTION425 line resolution for exceptionally sharp pictures. 
DIGITAL ECHO - While using the karaoke function, you can adjust the level and length of echo being added to your voice. 
ONE TOUCH KARAOKE - At the touch of button you can mute the vocal part of the track so you can sing. 
TWO MICROPHONE INPUTS - Allows you to use two microphones so two people can sing at the same time. 
6 REPEAT MODES - To hear you favourite songs again or just for background music, this feature gives you a variety of options: One side, Both sides, Single track, Selected tracks, Random, and A-B repeat. 
PROGRAM PLAY SELECTION - Program tracks to play in any order. Clear the program with a single touch. 
MULTI-SPEED PLAY - Speed can be adjusted to any of six different variable speeds in forward or reverse. 
RANDOM PLAY - Lets you mix selections to hear/see old familiar discs in a new way. 
LAST MEMORY - Remember the most recent program memory. 
10-KEY DIRECT SEARCH AND PLAY - Allows you to access each track by the touch of a button. 
FRAME/TIME NUMBER SEARCH - Allows you to search throughout the disc by frame or number to locate desired track or location. 
ON-SCREEN DISPLAY - Press a button on the remote control or the front panel and the selection appears on the TV. 
CX NOISE REDUCTION - Removes background hiss for a cleaner track. 
INTRO SCAN - Press the button and the disc proceeds to the beginning of the next selection, plays for about 15 seconds, then proceeds to the next cut. This can be used to give you a quick overview of what's on the disc, or to search for a specific selection. 

System LaserVision Disc system and Compact Disc digital audio system 
Laser Semiconductor laser wavelength 780 nm 
Power requirement AC120V, 60Hz 
Power Consumption 37W 
Weight 7.1 kg (15.65 lbs) 
Dimensions (W * H * D) = 435 * 407 * 132mm (16-15/16" * 16" * 5-3/16") 
Video characteristics (2 outputs) Format = NTSC specifications 
Video output Level = 1Vp-p nominal, sync.negative, terminated Impedance = 75 ohms unbalanced Jacks = RCA jacks 
S-VIDEO output (2 outputs) Y output level = 1 Vp-p(75 ohms) C output level = 286 mVp-p (75 ohms) Jacks = S VIDEO jacks 
Output level During analog audio output = 200 mVrms (1kHz, 40%) During digital audio output = 200 mVrms Jacks = Both RCA jacks Number of channels = 2 (stereo) 
Digital Audio Characteristics Frequency response = 4 Hz - 20 kHz Signal-to-Noise Ratio = 115dB (EIAJ) Dynamic range = 96dB (EIAJ) Total harmonic distortion = Below 0.0035% Wow and flutter = Unmeasurable 
Other terminals Optical digital output = Optical digital jack AC-3 RF OUT = RCA jack